Teamworks (Corporate Adventure Program)

What is TeamWorks?

Life today often involves long work hours, interpersonal conflicts in the office, exhaustive travel, and pressure to meet deadlines. TeamWorks removes participants from the daily stresses of the office and business travel. This allows for refocusing of the group to foster learning in a unique way.
TeamWorks is a series of activities designed for human development and enrichment through challenge confrontation. Our safe challenges provide a supportive environment that results in many beneficial personal gains. Participants experience group cooperatives, the ropes course, or the "Goliath the Giant" 52-foot climbing tower. Five Pines' staff will work with each group to create a customized schedule of activities that meet their specific needs, to enhance their overall experience. Challenge yourself with both high ropes and the climbing tower for only $10 more.

Safety First

Safety is our number one priority. Maintaining a safe outdoor adventure program, we must adhere to strict technical training to be certified facilitators, have our course/elements inspected annually by an independent organization to meet all Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) standards, and have equipment/course inspected before and after each use.

Teamworks Tools

1. Full Value Contract: This signed agreement is designed to govern group behaviors, encourage positive outcomes, and ensure a safe environment for individual and group discovery.

2. Your Challenge Your Choice: This is our philosophy of giving ownership of the experiential experience to our guests, which allows them the right to control what they will or will not participate in. We encourage participants to go beyond their assumed boundaries, which maximizes their growth potential.

3. TeamWorks Evaluation & Follow-Up: Each member has the opportunity to fill out an evaluation form at the day. This form tracks progress made, gives input to our program, and records reactions to individual elements/cooperatives, which gives everyone a greater understanding of the impact of the day. Follow-up is facilitated by a report to the group contact. This report gives an overview of the effectiveness of our program and includes individual evaluations.


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