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Bring your students for an inexpensive day of fun designed especially for them. We offer tubing, cross-country skiing with instruction, and other outdoor educational activities.  The tubing hill is supervised by our staff and instruction is provided for cross-country skiing. We also offer outdoor educational tracks of Fox Game, Winter Survival, Snowmaking, and Igloo Building.

Special school rates:

Tubing $7.00 per person

Skiing $7.00 per person

Tubing & Skiing combination $11.00 per person,

Educational Tracks (listed below) $2.00 each per person.


The Fox Game – A winter nature study of the Red Fox (best for grades K through 6)

Within this interactive game, students take on the role of a Red Fox and try to survive the winter by capturing food. They discover how this animal was created with special features to help it hunt its food. Before the game, students learn about the habitat, physical characteristics, enemies, and hunting techniques of the Red Fox. This is useful information in playing the game. The game can be adapted to different grade levels. Active time is about 30 to 40 minutes. At the conclusion of the game students are asked to share one thing that they learned about the Red Fox.

Snowmaking – A hands-on demonstration (best for grades K through 8)

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Five Pines has been making snow for over 15 years. Students learn the science behind making snow in this 30-minute track. Not only will they tour our operation, but help set up the equipment needed to make snow and, if conditions are right, actually make snow. Our staff will demonstrate all the equipment - air compressor, diesel water pump, hydrants, hoses, and the snow gun. Along with the set-up we will explain wet-bulb conditions for optimum output of snow. This activity is adapted to different grade levels.  

Winter Wilderness Survival (best for grades 6 and up)

In extreme winter conditions, the smallest decision can make the difference between life and death. Students are placed in the fictional situation of being on a class field trip when the snow begins and quickly becomes heavy, leading to near whiteout conditions. Somehow they have become separated and lost from the big group, but by chance they have stumbled upon an old miners’ camp. Night is coming and they have 45 minutes to forage for any useful supplies to start a fire and prepare a shelter.   They select a leader and are given basic fire and shelter building information. This team-building activity allows students to work together for the common goal – to survive. The facilitator will debrief the teambuilding experience - their fire, shelter, and outcomes.

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