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DSC 0494 2  Jacob wide eyed web 577x8001Week 257Our day camps offer a wide range of fun camp activities and experiences that help campers discover a relationship with God. Campers experience Five Pines day camp themes and God's amazing love through life-application Bible lessons, worship around the campfire, lasting friendship, creative crafts, hands-on nature lessons, archery, fun theme activities, and of course, recreational and instructional swimming. Our staff and counselors desire to share the excitement of living the abundant life in Christ in a safe, caring environment.

Overnight Accommodations - 3rd and 4th grade campers will have the opportunity to spend Thursday night in the Carriage House Lodge, experience the campfire, counselor's drama, great food, and lasting memories. 

Cost: 1st and 2nd grade $145.00;

          3rd and 4th grade $155.00

Hours: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm Monday - Thursday,

           8:30 am - 1:30 pm Friday. (*3rd  & 4th grade - optional overnight on Thursday)

Day Camp and Bible Themes (Themes rotate through a four-year cycle.)

Mountain Doo Dayz - (2017, 2021, 2025) There are fun-filled days with 'coon skin hats' and patches on the overalls. Campers play the challenging game of "Goofy Golf" like hillbillies with walnuts and special stick clubs. "Hey mama, what's fur dinner"? It is whatever campers can shoot at the "Hillbilly Cookin'" archery activity. Lastly, campers experience the "Bible Challenge Course" combining an obstacle course with Moses' journey. The Bible theme is centered on the 10 Commandments with memory verses of Psalm 119:33-35. While we teach the importance of the sabbath day, we do not single out a specific day of the week.

Safari Quest - (2018, 2022, 2026) Out newest theme! Campers will experience a variety of wild animals and learn about the amazing features God has created in them. Be prepared for a trek through our version of "Africa", as we come face-to-face with creatures of every kind . . . including our fellow campers.

Knights in Shining Armor - (2019, 2023, 2027) Campers begin their quest as knights in training. They will "Storm the Castle" using catapults in hope of retrieving stolen gems with a lesson on forgiveness. They continue their training by completing a spy mission to find a king and kingdom suitable for their lives in "Kings and Kingdoms". Lastly, knights design their own castles by building amazing sand castle sculptures with a little help from their counselors. The Bible theme is how to put on the Armor of God and memory verses of Ephesians 6:10-17.

Gold Rush Days - (2016, 2020, 2024) Campers travel back in time to the old frontier days of the gold rush. In "Trek West" greenhorn miners hitch up their team and pack all their belongings for the journey west with Zachariah guiding the way to stake their gold claim. The great Klondike gold rush is on in the Yukon Territory and Seattle has gold fever. Campers must buy tickets, supplies, and equipment to begin their long journey. They must pass inspection of the mounted police to enter into Canada to search for river gold in "Klondike Gold". Finally, in "Zeke's Gold", Darleen leads the covered wagon where the dearly departed Zeke left his gold for campers to pan. The wooden sluice is up and running and each miner gets to keep what they find. The Bible theme incorporates "wicked vs. righteous" with memory verses of Psalm 1:1-6.


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