Golf Outing

1. Tee Off
    a. Men - White Tees
    b. Yellow Tees for 70 years or older
    c. Women - Yellow Tees
2. Choose the ball with the most favorable lie for the next shot.
3. You must use each golfer's drive at least one time per 9 holes.
4. All team members play their next shot from that spot. You may play your shot one club length from the chosen shot, but not closer to the hole. If the ball you pick is in the rough, sand,  or on the collar of the green, you must place the other balls in a similar position. Everyone plays from that point and continues this way until you hole out.
5. When putting: If the first person putts and misses, mark the ball. If he (or anyone else) putts out before others have a chance to putt, the team is considered finished with the hole and should move on to the next hole.
6. Scoring: Keep one score for the team.
7. Mulligans cannot be used to win on contest holes and only on tee box.
9. Turn your score card into pro shop when finished.



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